Fayette County Pioneer Cemetery Commission

Dedicated to locating, documenting, and preserving our county history.  

Commision Meetings - Join us! 

The Fayette County Pioneer Cemetery Commision meets quarterly; the 1st Wednesday of January, April, July, and October beginning at 1:30 pm.  Meetings are open to the public and held at the Fayette County Historical Center in West Union.  

What the Commission does....

What you can do....

Fayette County Pioneer Cemeteries

Boale Restored 1999

Dover Public Restored 1999

S. Windsor & Center Restored 1999

Eden Restored 2000

George Restored 2000

Mount Pleasant Restored 2001

Pitts Restored 2001

Groat Signage 2001

Prairie View Signage 2001

Corbin Restored 2001

Old Pioneer Restored 2001

Peters Restored 2002

Buter-Barnhouse Restored 2002

Sawyer Restored 2002

Brooks-Hendrickson Restored 2003

Lippincott* Located 2004

Nutting Restored 2006

Center Grove Restored 2008

Hoyer Family* Located 2009

Otsego Restored 2012

McAlavey Signage 2018

Old St. Peters* Burials Relocated 1853

*No Stones

Commission Members

Donald Bright, Chair

Jamie Hackley, Vice Chair

Alice Miller, Secretary

Niles Boehmler, Treasurer

Bill Moellering

Doug Alysworth

Joe Schott

Linda Voshell

Rolley Miller

Tom Roys

Advisory Members

Brad Boleyn

Carl Steinlage

Duane Pleggenkuhle

Mark Fedeler

Neal VanHorn

Ronald Schute

Terry Seedorff

State of Iowa Law

(portions of Iowa Code 5231.102)

331.325 Control and maintenance of pioneer cemeteries - cemetery commission

359.33 Tax for nonowned cemetery

Township trustees may levy a tax not to exceed six and three-fourths cents per thousand dollars of assessed value of taxable property to improve and maintain any cemetery not owned by the township, provided the cemetery is devoted to general public use.  

Gravestone Care:

After years of accumulating carbon from burning coal and wood, plus dirt from plowed fields, grave stones become dark and hard to read. Lichens grown and "eat" away the stone

NEVER use a wire brush to clean a grave stone. 

There are approved products and methods that will clean a gravestone. ASK a pioneer cemetery grave stone restorer before you pu anything on a stone.